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Information about LON-CAPA log-in at MSU


  1. Portal page
  2. Landing page
  3. Okta SSO Login page
  4. Non-SSO login page
  5. Usernames for MSU users
  6. Reset Forgotten Password

Portal page -- https://loncapa.msu.edu

The portal page includes a "Login to LON-CAPA" link used for log-in, and also links to information about LON-CAPA for instructors and students.   Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, and for MSU users, all letters in the username will be lower case.

MSU LON-CAPA Portal Screenshot


Landing page -- https://loncapa.msu.edu/adm/login

The Login link on the portal page points to a LON-CAPA "Landing" page with an "MSU Login" button for use by MSU users to log-in via Single Sign On (SSO) using MSUNetID and MSUNet password.   Besides the button, the "landing" page also includes "Login type" for the current page, and a "Change" link used to display the non-SSO login page.

MSU LON-CAPA Landing Page Screenshot


Okta SSO login page

Pushing the MSU Login button will load the Okta SSO login page.

MSU LON-CAPA Okta SSO Login Screenshot


Non-SSO login page

Clicking the "Change" link on the Landing page will display the non-SSO login page, which is used for log-in to LON-CAPA by users for whom the username is not an MSUNetID, e.g., for guests who are not affiliated with Michigan State University. The non-SSO login page can also be used by MSU users to authenticate using MSU IT's Kerberos authentication service.

MSU LON-CAPA Non-SSO Login Screenshot


Usernames for MSU users

For MSU users either the MSUNetID (e.g., sparty) or MSU email address (e.g., sparty@msu.edu) is entered in the username box, and the MSUNet password is entered in the Password box.   MSU users who use non-SSO login should ensure the domain textbox contains: msu


Reset Forgotten Password

The "Forgot password" link on the non-SSO page can be used by a guest user to send an email to the address associated with the user's guest account in LON-CAPA, to facilitate setting a new password. It can not be used to set a new MSUNet password.   MSU students, staff and faculty should instead visit https://netid.msu.edu to reset a password.